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Deckstorm – Card Collection Scene

category: UI/UX Design

Deckstorm – Card Collection Scene

The Collection of Deckstorm is another feature designed to motivate the user to acquire more Cards (in-app purchases) by awarding treasure for acquiring Cards placed in different slots in a 3x3 Grid. The Grid was designed to be sorted by category and could accommodate every card in the game.

As acquiring cards is what unlocks rewards, the interface needed to be very clear in showing the user just what rewards would be available to collect. Each slot of rewards had multiple states to show when the reward was locked, ready to collect or already collected. These states would of course be dynamically triggered by the system based on the user's progress and/or input.

  • Skills

    Unity 3D (UGUI, VFX, Animation), Photoshop, Illustrator

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