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UI/UX Design and Art

Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians
DeNA – (iOS/Android)

Designed and developed numerous key UI/UX features, such as the Deck Screen interface, the “Pinboard” inspired Quest system, and the entirety of the Guild War PvP UI components. Each feature underwent a rigorous wireframe and mockup process to justify both the feasibility of the use-cases and also maintain the strict quality of the aesthetic branding of the app:

Deck Scene Design Walkthrough Document
(Google Doc opens in new Tab)

Deck Screen in Action

Showcasing a multi-functional design, using intuitive drag-and-drop mechanics with high performance and reactive feedback to swap cards from their deck to the Inventory without ever changing screens.
Quest Screen in Action

“Pinboard” style design which gives users pertinent information on each quest, such as requirements and rewards. Also provides enticement by showing each quest reward and encouraging completion of all quests to unlock Special Card.
Card Evolution Cutin

This animated cutin was created to give players feeling of accomplishment at successfully evolving a Card, which increases stats and gives player Essence material to upgrade their stats further.

Blood Brothers 2
DeNA – (iOS/Android)

Implemented all UI features within the Unity engine (once in NGUI, then updated to UGUI), having swiftly adapted that pipeline to the workflow, and designed several updates. Supplemented the UI with several graphical enhancements such as adding visual effects to scenes, creating animated cut-tins and developing the best layouts for multiple mobile devices:


UI Art and Design for various freelance projects made for Asylum Labs:

Assets that were created at Kixeye for War Commander UI (images captured from in-game):

Side Projects:

Promotional images made for the “Shadow of the Eternals” kickstarter campaign:

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