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Hello! This is Eric

Eric Topf is an UX Visual Designer with background in gaming and augmented reality industries.  Currently active on the market, he is best suited for a small to large sized company that is accessible to Bart or preferably in San Francisco or the East Bay.

Quite simply known as a Visual Guy; Eric’s strength is primarily in design and art, delivering innovative and high-quality solutions within product development. He is an advocate for the end user, expeditiously composing visual interfaces to meet any unique criteria necessary to support the customer’s needs. Eric has been successful in designing UI layouts that are adaptive to be scalable across a range of devices from headset, phone, tablet to screen resolutions.

Eric’s most recent work was with Meta Co – the first Augmented Reality Headset to the marketplace.  He designed and developed the visual components of the Meta Workspace – the very first spatial computing system of its kind. He incorporated theories of the spatial interface guidelines within the actual 3D AR environment, conceiving the brand new scheme of 3D iconography where form and movement communicates function within the spatial environment.  

Eric was also part of the CEO’s personal Demo Team, creating Interactive Demos for potential investors.

As part of the exceptional team of UX innovators, engineers, data, and neuroscientists, Meta collectively reached the high threshold of a fully realized ‘ zero learning curve ‘ product, as featured on Bloomberg, Ted Talks, and within Prince William’s own use!

Prior to Meta, Eric was the Lead UI/ UX Designer for DeNA, leading the team’s efforts in designing and prototyping several key features for such games known as Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians (iOS / Andriod) and Blood Brothers 2 (iOS / Android), DeNA West Studio’s most successful and high quality apps.  DeNA developed and operated a broad range of mobile and online services including games, e-commerce, and entertainment content distribution.  The organization has since launched an online auction service and expanded its business portfolio, including a partnership with Nintendo.

Other past organizations include Asylum Labs and Electronic Arts, but his most appealing organization on his resume is …. DeNA.  This is where Eric took on Unity for the first time and spearheaded the UI implementation and Technical Art to construct the visual interface, animated sequences, and visual effects for Blood Brothers 2 – which became DeNA ‘s most successful original IP. Eric’s success paved the path into a Team Lead role.

In Eric’s free time, he enjoys cooking and nature walks. As of lately, his project has been constructing this portfolio and getting ready for new endeavors. Eric’s strength is his ability to quickly and efficiently take on new skills, learn, and put into production pipeline within strict deadlines. He is looking for an organization that can provide a role that offers critical impact to the “it” product, while gaining new skills and career development.