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Blood Brothers 2 – Guild Menus

category: UI/UX Design

Blood Brothers 2 – Guild Menus

The Guild feature of BB2 was designed to be an online social experience enabling users from across the world to band together and compete in groups against each other during weekly marketing events. As this would require a lot of data to keep track of, it was necessary to create a functional and efficient layout and UX flow that would enable the user to Create their own, or join other Guilds. User would only be permitted to be a member of one Guild at a time.

Because Guild was slated to be a major feature, it was given prominence by way of an additional Footer Icon, which would allow for the user to access it from any top-level Menu that contained the Footer component. When arriving for the first time, the Guild screen would show a search menu and populated Guilds already present, but it would also enable the user to Create their own new Guild themselves. If you create a Guild, you cannot be a member of another Guild. Once a Guild is created or joined, the Guild main screen changes to show the users current Guild Details.

One function of a Guild is to keep track of the awards given by participating in Events, and those are set up to be viewed in the Details screen of the Guild once a user is a member.


Design and Implement a comprehensive user focused Guild menu system and setup.

  • Skills

    Unity 3D (UGUI, VFX, Animation), Photoshop, Cacoo Wireframe

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