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Meta Workspace – Project Overview

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Meta Workspace – Project Overview

The Meta Workspace is the first Spatial Computing system of its kind. Utilizing the proprietary headset technology designed by Meta, it enables a wide Field of View and high resolution graphics.

My role was to collaborate with a diverse group of UX prototypers, engineers, data analysts and neuroscientists in conceiving and implementing a visual interface that aimed for the standard of a zero learning curve product. I created many of the visual cues and designs that are present in the linked videos such as the Workspace "Shelf", in addition to optimizing the geometry of many of the Tools and 3D Models. Optimal performance was crucial in order to reduce the latency of the visual feedback and ensuring users' movements felt as natural as possible.

I also designed several features and catalogued their use-cases such as the Meta Mouse, the 3D pointer which was available to the user in addition to their hands. There was the phone interface UI I created for the groundbreaking "Sticky Note" function showed off to amazement in the above AWE demo. There were many future designs which I took part in that will

As this system utilized no input devices such as controllers, there would be no haptic feedback to aid the user in their motions, which is why designing proper Affordances and visual cues was key to delivering a positive user experience. Grabbing one of the objects off of the "shelf" for example would trigger various highlight states for the "orb" that contained it. Future versions would also add cues on the shelf itself, such as highlights on the handle and the "seat rings" of each object opening and closing to match placing and removing an object off of that seat.

I also took part in many "Hackathons" that were crucial in generating proposals for new Tools and Components that would benefit from an AR realization, including a Data Visualization tool, an AR Musical Instrument and even an AR Prototyping Tool that won top prize in the contest.


Design and Implement several key visual UI components of the Meta Workspace

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    Unity 3D (UGUI, VFX, Animation), Photoshop

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