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Deckstorm – Project Overview

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Deckstorm – Project Overview

Served as Lead UI/UX Designer whose responsibilities included conceiving numerous key features for this project, such as the primary Main Deck creation and organization screen and flow, the Pinboard styled user-retention quest system, and the online social Guild PvP feature. Each critical design was thoroughly vetted through a rigorous wire-framing and mockup process that was instrumental in justifying the feasibility of the user-focused system. UX Prototypes and simple Grey-boxing were also submitted to in-house user testers and the core engineers to both validate these flows as well as to allow the groundwork of the necessary engineering framework to be started with efficiency.

My role was to implement each UI element within the Unity engine to be an exact precision match to our high quality Photoshop rendered mockups. This was achieved through my high familiarity with the UGUI Canvas system and leveraging Prefabs and components to enable an efficient standardized pipeline for visual elements and layouts, while working closely with the engineering team to develop these systems further to accomplish even more precision. I would then be in charge of adding visual polish to the UI systems, such as particle effects and animations, to help increase user satisfaction as they progressed through the UX flow.

These efforts proved to be highly successful, for this project was internally recognized as the most user-friendly and satisfying experience released by the Studio, while also being at the highest level of technical performance on mobile devices.


Design critical UI Screens. Create UX Prototypes. Implement all UI Components. Push visual polish.

  • Skills

    Unity 3D (UGUI, VFX, Animation), Photoshop, Illustrator, Cacoo Wireframe

  • Employer